We believe that in order to be an example of Christian love, we must:

  • Love others as Christ has loved us 
  • Lead by serving others
  • Live according to the Gospel by bearing fruits of trust, respect, accountability, and responsibility.

Serving our community with Christian love in action by providing free goods and services to those in need and to help foster positive changes within the community with new ideas & resources.
Exemplifying Christian love in action by making a global impact and assisting those in need with free supplies and services by partnering with other organizations. 
Donation Collection & Distribution
Local Churches & Organizations
Helping Area Students
We will be happy to meet with you one-on-one or in a group if you are interested in:

  • Learning more about us/partnering
  • Simple steps to increase your church missions 
We are available upon request to pick up your new or gently used  donated items that are given away to those in need free of charge.  Your donations will NEVER be resold. Local Tri-City pickups only. Items donated are tax-deductible.
We are always needing volunteers of any age to assist with our Packing Events & fundraisers.  We are able to offer community service hours to local students in the Tri-cities area.
Local, National, & International
Your donations allow us to purchase hygiene supplies that are placed in bags and distributed to those in need free of charge.  To learn more, please visit our section on Blessing Bags
Southeastern United States Region

We serve as a collection hub for those who wish to donate items, such as gallon & bottle water, first aid & clean up supplies, clothing, & other basic necessities which are then driven directly to the affected area.  We also provide volunteers who work with the TBC Disaster Relief teams for various on-site relief aid.
We are a proud  member of the TN Promise program for area high school  college-bound students.  We provide community service hours to pack bags and assist in many fundraisers and local events throughout the year. 

We are registered in Washington County, TN, howe
ver, we welcome students from the east Tenness regions of  Sullivan County and Greene County to participate
with us.

For more information, please contact us. For up-to-date schedule of events, like us on Facebook!


Blessing Bag Ministry, Inc. was officially formed on February 1, 2016 as a registered 501c3 faith-based nonprofit charity by founder & volunteer CEO Christy Konnick of Johnson City, Tennessee.  Driven by immense faith and the desire to serve the Lord, this passion became the guiding force behind this small yet powerful compassion ministry. 
Christy Konnick relied on her strong background in accounting and financial management, accompanied with a deep love for the Lord, to create the Blessing Bag Ministry Inc. as a free resource to the community while sharing the Word of God. By taking the concept of "blessing bags" and expanding on what many churches do to support the homeless within their ministry,  she was determined to magnify the gift of hygiene bags on a greater level by not only giving to the homeless community but also making bulk quantities available to churches and organizations to be distributed at no cost.

Miraculously, within days of the ministry taking root, the Lord directed specific individuals and buisnesses our direction that were willing and eager to assist in the goals setforth by Blessing Bag Ministry which, in turn, became the catalyst for an outpouring of support and community exposure.

Within one year of operations, the vision of going international came to fruition with the help of other organizations. Blessing Bags made their way overseas in various mission trips sponsored by a church in Nashville, TN who were recipients of the bags. Additionally, thanks to the dedicated partnerships with various individuals and organizations, bags are routinely shipped to impoverished areas all over the country.


Thanks to the divine guidance of the Lord and many hours of research, we were successful in locating several wholesale bulk supply companies that were willing to sell the hygiene supplies for pennies on the dollar. With no overhead expenses, low bulk wholesale supply cost,  and the use of willing volunteers enables the Blessing Bag Ministry to apply the contributions directly to the purchase and production of hygiene supplies that fill each and every bag. By design, not a single penny received goes back into the pock of the founder. Blessing Bags are NEVER sold; they are given to all free of charge.  

As the Lord provides the funds, each and every request for bags are filled and sent with a divine prayer that the contents will plant the seed for Lord to work in the lives of each recipient. It is truly evident how the Lord has paved a way to touch countless lives through this compassion ministry.